WordPress Theme EditorIf you’re an amateur website developer and you need to move things around on your WordPress website it can be a challenge.

If you’re not too familiar with CSS then the ‘code’ side of things (which you were probably trying to avoid when you chose WordPress as your platform – because it’s the best website CMS available, right?) can seem a little daunting.

Everyone you read, and everyone you ask, is probably telling you to start using the Element Inspector in Chrome, or Firefox, to work out what CSS is controlling that particular part of your website page that you’d like to modify. Simples! But not so much if you don’t already have some grounding in CSS, or a lot of time to learn it somewhere like www.w3schools.com (an actually ridiculously good free learning resource – and I do recommend learning CSS one day anyway.)

Enter CSS Hero.

It’s the point-and-shoot solution for a budding website creator to make their site look a heck of lot more like they want it to.

It will save you hours and hours of faffing about. And then a couple more hours. So that you can wash the car, or go fishing, or cook a lovely meal… with all of your spare time! Just watch the videos on the site, compare the cost of it to the amount of time you will save, and if you’d still rather spend your afternoon trying to work out why the ‘float: right’ you just specified is mucking up the whole header of your (or your client’s) website then don’t buy it.