Do you find it hard to stay on top of your website requirements; WordPress updates, theme updates, plugin updates, spam, etc etc?

Have you ever run a little update, and then realised something went wrong. Maybe it’s a plugin conflict? Maybe a hosting issue? Maybe your WordPress website has been hacked… But now something is broken. Or your website is down. Or it is showing blank pages.

WordPress is a super-robust, frequently updated, and extremely widely used platform – It’s ease-of-use and functionality are exceptional, and it is highly recommended for most clients.Those updates; to the core files, the themes and the plugins, often bring loads of extra functionality, and bundled along with the ongoing innovation you’ll find patches too. And those patches address any security issues that the developers have identified, helping to keep your website safe and running well.

So it’s good sense to keep your website up to date. And backed up. So what to do? Well one option is to get yourself on a Maintenance Plan, and we offer a great little package that takes care of it all.

NZWebtech Annual Maintenance and Backup Plan

– Perform a daily, full backup of your website to an off-site location.
– Monthly update(s) of all Themes and Plugins and WordPress Core, and ensure things are funtioning correctly afterwards.
– Clear Spam / Comment entries
– Database optimisation
– Clear old post revisions
– Uptime monitoring and alerts
– FREE restoration of the website from last known backup if your website gets hacked, or goes down.

Also: FREE 1/2 hour of website work every month – yours to use for any website changes, addition, modifications. Simply email us your requests. (NB. this does not roll-over from month-to-month.)

Monthly: $35 + GST
Yearly $350 + GST (2 months FREE)
(all prices NZD)

Seriously, that’s pretty cheap.

Let us help. Give us a call – or email for more info.